Pray by Caro
Summary: [FF in englisch] Bete.
Categories: Stargate SG-1 Characters: Jack O’Neill (SG-1), Samantha Carter (SG-1)
Genre: Gedicht
Challenges: Keine
Series: Keine
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1. Kapitel 1 by Caro

Kapitel 1 by Caro

I pray to the heaven 
To give me back
Everything I need 
Everything I want from life
I pray to let it stay 
A little bit longer
In my world 
In my life
I pray to the heaven 
To save this soul
Because this woman is my love, my life
But she doesn`t know
Once more I want to look in her eyes
Feel her breath
Touch her skin
And tell her the best, the most important, the hardest words on earth:
I love you.
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